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I have an F12X engine that won't turn over that I'd like to get out of my way. It's from a 2006 ski that I don't have the backstory on (was told the ski fell off the trailer and just needed fiberglass work, obviously there was more to it than that...). I've put a small pry bar on the output shaft and it wouldn't move so I didn't go any further. None of the valves have dropped but there are some rust deposits forming on the top of them on the intake side when viewed through the intake ports. I pulled the valve cover before removing the engine and it looked good from the top side. Cams, valves, etc. all looked just fine. The oil was milky when drained. The exhaust manifold on back is from an 03 and I wouldn't expect much there. The turbo will not spin and the mechanical condition probably matches the cosmetic shape. I'm in KS, about an hour south of Wichita and would prefer pick-up. PM me with any questions. I am new to the forum and didn't find much in the way of classified rules so hopefully my listing complies.
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