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fdsa487 said:
My wife and I just bought the above mentioned jet ski. We live in San Diego and bought it when we were in Laughlin on vacation. We took it to the river there and then to lake mead... so much fun... anyways we took it to the beach here where you are allowed to ride and went in salt with it. I know its a good idea to flush it out even after fresh water, but salt is bad...
So, after that we went and purchased "salt-a-way" and flushed that through the standard front hose hook-up for the required amount of time.

BUT, when we were there I was sort of in a hurry and the guy also sold me a "flush kit" with some brass fittings and hose clamps and what looks like a tube that connects to a hose. I don't really undersatnd (and yes I read the directions that came with it) how this hooks up. It says disconnect something coming from the head to the exhaust and teflon tape and stuff like that. What does this flush actually flush and is it necessary?
Should I return the parts?
There are pleanty of hoses coming off the head so I don't know which one to use and the kit does not have any pictures in it. Does anyone have pictures or better instructions on what this flush actually fluses and how to do it? I would GREATLY appreciate it! This flush kit was fifty bucks. Thanks y'all!
I Don't think you need it. Sounds like a kit so you can easily connect your garden hose to the ski but you should already have that up under the hood.
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