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Good Afternoon PWC Community,

As my user entails I am new to this scene, I recently picked up a used pwc with about 110hrs... So I was told but do not know. Anyways I am having issues trying to get the display to work. The ski sat for a little while and then one day the old owner went to start it and the display was not working. I have traced power coming to the connection where the display wires hook up but have not yet traced to the actual display as I have not figured out the best way to take the display out. I wanted to find out if anyone has any guidance to solving this issue. Have tried disconnecting the power from the battery, checked fuses and traced power to the connect but did not check to see if power is getting to the other side of the connection and to the actual display yet... which is my next step. Also noticed a good amount of build up in the engine bay with corrosion and some rust and wanted to see if there is a good solution to this. The ski runs well, cranks runs, no idea if it works in the water lol still cold out but fingers crossed it works good.



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