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2007 Yamaha FX HO (210 hours good compression) has some type of surging issue at top end. This occurs randomly, but I think it's usually after I run it for a good bit.
It goes from 55mph down to 45mph or so, and will surge as it seemingly gets fuel and loses fuel, not sure if it's a fuel issue, or something else?
Anyone know anything about this?
It will run 55mph with a full tank in heavy wind and not smooth water when it's running normal. I have changed spark plugs, drained and refilled the fuel, impeller and housing looks great. Please help!
Edit: it also eventually goes away temporarily, so it's like the ski has it's own mind. I posted a link to a video I posted on google drive.
Coil issue? Fuel injector/pump issue? Exhaust gas issue?

Thanks in advance y'all!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts