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Hey there all - short time lurker, new member!! I appreciate all the insight around here - you guys have already helped out on a few things.

I was hoping to get a little help on a "bigger" issue that I can't figure out... I've been searching for a few days, but can't find where anyone addressed this. I picked up a couple skis - both yami's. The GP1300R is bogging very badly - RPM's go up with a slow pull on the throttle, but the ski sputters and pops, and the RPM increase doesn't match the throttle pull; it accelerates slowly, but it's just not right. If I go full throttle, there's a slight hesitation (while it bogs for quarter of a second), then WOT no problem. To me, it seems like engine management is kicking in - like it detects knock and retards the timing / engine?? or doesn't have the AFR right?? :dunno: I know that engine management changes what it does at WOT, but I'm not sure what would change to stop the bogging besides the AFR...

I picked up the ski's after last season was over, so I didn't get to ride them until this year. I put stabil in, fogged the engines, winterized them, and stored them in a garage (no heat). After this happened, I changed the plugs but they looked to be in great shape - the right color, no signs of detonation or fouling, etc. I guess it could still be bad gas - I mixed in fresh gas, but there was still some of the old stuff left. I don't see any "white" steam, so I don't think it's water in the gas... but since he says the "hesitation" has been there from the beginning, I don't think it's just one tank of bad gas... I don't have to tools to do a compression test, and I don't have the YES software, so I'm at a bit of a loss... The guy I bought them from said the hesitation at WOT has been there from day 1 and the dealer said it was "normal"; I really think this guy didn't know any better and just used the ski at WOT all the time, thinking the "bogging" was because it was a performance machine?? :rolleyes:

Any of you guys got an idea on this one? I know this is wishful thinking, but are there any known issues with these that I just haven't found via my searches?

I'd appreciate any help!! :appl:
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