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I had my ski out on the water and had it stall 2x. I was able to get it to start the first time and once it died a second time no luck getting it going. No codes showing, and when key is attached it does chirp.

I have recently replaced a few sensors with a previous problem. A couple weeks back I received 3 codes PO123 (Engine Control Module), PO520 (Oil Pressure Sensor), PO505 (Idle Control Module), and replaced the Relay Starter as well as the start/stop button. Once that was done all the codes went away and started with no problem. til I took it out today gone out on the water for a couple hours and the ski just shut off while driving. Got it to restart and ran for about 10 minutes and shut off. Unable to restart on water and needed a tow. Got ski home and when key is engaged it chirps and no error codes. I Disconnected the battery cable for a few minutes reconnected and the ski starts with no issue and ran. After the second stall I pressed the start/stop button and nothing, but i do get the chirp.

Yes, i get the normal chirp with key attached. When it "died" yes i get the normal chirps with the key when reattached.

When it stalled the first time it restarted. When it happened again, i was not able to restart and it did not attempt to turnover, however, with the key is attached it does chirp. Once i got it home i disconnected the battery for a couple minutes and then i restarted it with no problem.
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