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2007 RXP question

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okay im new to this site and wanted to join because it looks good and i hav a question. Anyone have the new 2007 Sea-Doo RXP? i just got it and after 5 hours or so the machine will not go to full rpms. it will only go to 6540 and thats it. before it would be at 7500 and a little more. it would rip now its only going 55-60 mph. anyone know wats going on. i got the 10 hour check up and the guy said just run it and it will catch up and go to full rpms. i was wondering if anyone has had this problem or know whats wrong? THANKS

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i varied the speeds for the first 10 hours. then sometimes went wide open but not for longer than 10 seconds.
Sorry, have no idea wat cud be goin wrong then. When you said varied the speed, was it in minutes or seconds at a certain rpm level? While in the breakin period you shouldn't ride at the same high rpm level for more than around thirty seconds. I doubt that is the cause anyway. Mine has been running full reps right after the breakin, and nobody has come to the shop with this problem, as long as they had broken it in correctly of course. If this guy doesn't think it needs work, or doesn't want to check it out take it someplace else, it should definetally be looked at. Might be a supercharger problem.
bring it back to the dealer asap
they will fix for free
i did there fixing it...for free
good deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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