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Melbourne, Florida, United States — Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) leads the watercraft industry in racer support with the 2007 Sea Doo® Bounty watercraft racer contingency program. The Sea-Doo Bounty program offers cash rewards to Sea-Doo watercraft mounted racers that finish upon the podium (1st – 3rd) in APBA* and IJSBA* sanctioned races. The Sea-Doo Bounty program exemplifies BRP’s commitment to its customers that place a premium on performance while striving to be the best.
The Sea-Doo Bounty has been boosted for 2007 to offer bigger payouts to the growing number of watercraft racers competing on the Sea-Doo RXP™. The supercharged, intercooled 4-TEC™ powered Sea-Doo RXP has become the racers choice on the world’s closed-course racing circuits. Sea-Doo racers train endlessly to ride their watercraft to their full potential while race teams work tirelessly to push the Sea-Doo RXP to new thresholds of track speed. The Sea Doo Bounty rewards those extra efforts with extra cash rewards.
The 2007 Sea-Doo Bounty program will begin on March 10th and culminate at the IJSBA World Finals in late October where nearly $20,000 of Sea-Doo Bounty funds available for only Sea-Doo watercraft mounted racers. During the racing season, Sea-Doo Bounty participants will collect funds with the year’s top ten Bounty earners being invited to two exclusive Sea-Doo Bounty competitions – the first during the APBA National Championship in Nashville, TN and final at the IJSBA World Finals in Lake Havasu City, AZ.
In the 2006 Sea-Doo Bounty “Chase for the Booty” competition veteran Sea-Doo watercraft racer Eric Lagopoulos claimed the $4,000 cash booty for running the fastest single lap aboard a new 2007 Sea-Doo RXP. For 2007 the ten elite Sea Doo Bounty money earners will be invited to compete in the Sea-Doo Bounty “Hot-Lap” event; a very exclusive and unique competition where the winners can claim up to $7,500 cash for running the fastest single lap on a new 2008 Sea Doo watercraft.
The 2007 Sea-Doo Bounty is accompanied by the Sea-Doo Race Promoter Support Program. Various APBA sanctioned race promoters will receive support from BRP to assist them in producing more events and of higher quality.
Only BRP offers such a program for their watercraft owners and only can a Sea Doo watercraft owner take part in the Sea-Doo Bounty racer contingency program. Sea-Doo – Leave Everything Else Behind.
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