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I recently bought my first ski ...dont know to much about how to maintain question i have is the engine compartment there is white oxidation powder all over the engine..i took the coils out and they were hard to get out the walls down to the spark plugs were coated in oxidation and rust to the point where the spark plugs were almost covered ..what do i need to do to reverse this oxidation? any tips on how to maintain this will be very seems like this ski has been in salt air a is the best way to clean this stuff from the sparp plug the way this is my first post on PWC it seems like a great place to hang out

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owners manuals have

-storage procedures
-service intervals
-safety info
-motor info

i always tell my customers and owners to read it over and over, once you know it, you can help others out also!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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