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Last year 2008, I screw up my Impeller which I promptly changed out and everything worked as new afterwards. This year, the 1st time I to it out into Lake Michigan, I noticed that it wanted to stall after making quick turns, it was still getting to about 53mph with 3people on it, which to me seemed normal. Last week, I took it out and it would barely start, once I held in the ignition for a couple a seconds it started. I than got out to the lake and had nothing but vibration and would not get it past 18mph. I took it to my local shop where I bought the jet-ski (Yamaha XV110 Deluxe) and they came back and told me I need a NEW Impeller and Impeller Housing. They also changed out the plugs. I notice now that I can now start it easily, but I told them to hold off on the Impeller and Housing, being they wanted $1,000 for parts and labor. So my question would be, I see no visible ware on the impeller but do see light between the impeller and housing. What would you recommend? Change both, change one or any other suggestions. Also, is it difficult to do this myself? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much

Joe Cortese
Chicago, Ill
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