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Scratching my head on this one, hoping someone has seen/head of this condition, and what it took to fix.
Try to summarize here, my jet ski ran perfect last year (top speed and no issues), but this spring I managed to hydro lock the engine when I ran water before starting the engine... my bad. I was able to rescue the engine without pulling it apart, just emptied the water, lubricated, waited in between lubrications, and was able to get the engine running. During this process, it looked like I killed my starter motor, so I ended up replacing it.

Now.... with the engine able to run, I am noticing a mechanical noise when cranking, and very hard on the battery to start... thinking that the issue is a continuation of the starter motor issue, I sent it into the shop to have the Bendix replaced. Well, that didn't fix the issue, still had the mechanical grinding noises and hard to start, to find out the impeller is scraping against the tube... wow, how did this happen??? Now comes the tricky part, the mechanic thought to do a compression test, and noted that the 1st cylinder came up to 120psi with approx 4 revolutions of crank, same with the last cylinder, however, the inner 2 cylinders only get to 90psi with only 2 revolutions before the engine locks up to the point that the starter motor can no longer turn the engine over. Releasing the pressure from the tester, frees up the motor so it can turn over again.

At an impasse now, already replaced a Bendix (which I don't believe was bad), and currently have an impeller issue and this compression issue, trying to find out what a good test would be to confirm what is going on, before this turns into a bigger money pit,,, any ideas???

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