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With its GTX Limited, Sea-Doo has decided to offer as much luxury and performance as possible into a three-passenger cruiser.

It is hoped that consumers will crave every last feature the unit has to offer, and there is plenty. Luxury, however, costs—the GTX Limited is priced at US$13,599, highest of any PWC from the major manufacturers.

"Within the luxury and performance line, the GTX Limited is the upper echelon," BRP district sales manager Scott MacWilliam told "It’s the perfect blend of luxury, style and performance."

Equipped with a 215-horsepwer, turbocharged, intercooled, Rotax 4-TEC engine, Sea-Doo claims the unit is very efficient and produces low emissions and little noise.

More: 2008 Sea-Doo GTX Limited on

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GTX Limited and more

That is correct, the GTX limited offers everything possible in a Sea Doo. For the average rider that does not need the tilt steering or the GPS, there are other options that will still get you the ride and the performance. The RXT is the same exact hull and motor as the GTX Limited, but does not have the extra goodies, and will save you some dough. With that extra money you could always splurge a little more and bump up to the 255HP RXT-X. This ski is the fastest that Sea Doo has to offer. All three of these are great 3 seaters that are very similar but offer slight differences. I have ridden all three of them and personally would take any of the three. The supercharged Sea Doo's are incredable. I'm trying to get the local dealer here to do an open house so other people can compair the different models. This dealer is, and they sell all Sea Doo, Yamaha, and Kawasaki. Does anyone have a local dealer that does demos such as this. My dealer typically does not, but I'm trying to convince them to get something going. I think it would be great for everyone to see how each ski performs slightly different.
Still after all this, the GTX Limited is a great ski.

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Stop to the BRP monopoly!!

Hi friends, I have now the new ScanSea Multibrand and is perfect. I can now read and erase faults in my RXP (also work fine with GTX 2008), reset maintenance, reset Total Hours, program keys and much more.

I think it is the beguin of the end for the BRP monopoly.

Why I must pay too much money for program or erase a key in BRP dealer??

If I can make the service to my car in the workshop I like, why I cant do the same with my PWC??

Now I can, look at


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