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Check the easy stuff first:
1. Be sure you haven't accidentally put the ski in the low RPM mode.......easy to do if you hold down the remote button too long. 2 beeps = normal mode, 3 beeps = low RPM mode.
2. Check air filter.....should be clean and dry. Easy to over fill the oil during winterization process and the excess will come out when the engine warms and foul the filter causing poor performance.
3. If you left gas in the tank with no fuel stabilizer you may have contaminated (water) or just plain stale fuel. Run out what you have and put in fresh.
4. You may have picked up a piece of trash or weeds that are partially blocking the intake grate. Look around this area, and be sure the impeller looks OK (dents, etc.), also check the clearance around impeller (should be very close), otherwise you will lose power.
5. It is really easy to foul plugs in a ski. And this is often the cause of poor performance at the start of the season. Not a bad idea to put in new plugs at the start of every new season, AFTER you have run the engine for a while to clear out the old fogging oil, etc. that can cause the plugs to foul. Also it can be very hard to detect a fouled ski plug visually..........if you have tried everything else, then change the plugs even if they look OK.
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