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Hello, brand new here. Bought a 2008 vx1100 from someone for $4,500 last summer. Ski has about 140 hours. It ran great and had a ton of fun on it the whole summer. During winter so far, I've been running it for 10 seconds every weekend just to keep everything moving and oiled. Suddenly last weekend, I went to start it and it dies immediately. If I give it gas, it runs rough and makes a ton of white smoke out of the rear and then dies as soon as I let off the throttle. I checked compression, I have about 125ftlbs in the middle 2 cylinders, 90ftlbs on the rear cylinder and 0ftlbs on the front cylinder. Is this head gasket most likely? I looked into the spark plug hole of the front cylinder and it looks wet/dirty. A couple of the spark plugs were slightly rusted on the tips as well.. which obviously isn't good.

Any pointers on what I should do now would be greatly appreciated. Im totally new to jetskis and kind of bummed out that this has happened so soon.

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