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Hi guys, I am new here, Just purchased a 2009 Seadoo GTX 155,

Now I have made around 17 Hours so far, brought it in for the first maintance last tuesday. Here's the problem. I brought it for a spin the day prior. I got the Following code, P0344 cam signal missing. Took the seat cover off to check inside. I Noticed there was a bit of salt water on the valve cover. (salt turns white when it dry's up) I Will be honnest I have never turned over the seadoo causing it to flood. how did water get in? I have no idea.

But here's the thing. I also noticed the fuse cap was off the housing, as if it un-clipped and fell off while I was driving and hitting waves. My guess is that water went on the fuses and caused damage to the following sensor. This is a brand new seadoo, I can't see it already permanently damaged.

Anything helps guys.
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