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Hi all,

I'm new here and just registered.
I have a 2010 Yamaha VX Cruiser (VX1100 as we call locally) and noticed the hull damage showed in the pictures attached. It was clearly caused by the trailer bunks during transport over time. It seems like the bunk rubbing against the hull caused some grooves in certain places.
I have changed the bunks from the wood + carpet type to the rubber roller type to prevent this from growing up.
By the PWC year, what material is the hull made of? SMC?
Is it a point of concern?
Do I need to repair it? If so, what would be the best approach?
Note: in the last photo, there is also the same damage showed in first and second pictures, it is just not showing in the picture as the bunk is under it.
I tried my best at looking for similar cases but couldn't find anything.
Any help is appreciated.

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