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I think the keys are:
1. Warm the ski for 5 minutes first.
2. Remove the filler cap, but extract the oil through the dip stick hole.
3. Use a 65cm (25.5 inch) small diameter tube for the extraction and place it all the way in to the 65cm mark at the top of the dip stick tube (your tube may be too large if its not going down).
4. Be sure the ski is level or tilted slightly toward the dip stick hole.
5. After you suction out as much oil as possible, let the ski sit for 5 minutes and try again. It seems that more oil will drain into the pan given time. This is a Wet Sump system, which is different than a car, and different than the older model Yamaha 4 strokes. Guys that have reported getting 3 quarts out, say it takes a long time waiting for the oil to settle to the extraction point.
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