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I've been riding standups for 40 years. I bought a Kawasaki 2011 SXR special edition a few years ago, completely stock. It had almost never been ridden.
When riding straight smooth water standing up, it tips from side to side. Not so much that it falls over but enough that its annoying. Any new standup riders are barely able to ride it because its hard for them to control it. Last summer i was riding on my knees and noticed it tipping even at low speeds. I let a 14 year old boy ride it and he asked me why it was tipping. I thought it might just be me, because ive gained a lot of weight since i road those older models. LOL
Riding 440, 550, 650 when i was younger, I never had this happen. At least I never noticed it before.
I'm assuming I need to add sponsons. Can someone please verify this? Or is there something else with the intake or prop that may be causing the problem. It seems to me that it can only be the hull design is different than the older models.
If I need to add sponsons. Which ones are recommended? This is just for recreational use.
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