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Hi Folks: I just posted something in the Yamaha forum, but here's the brief. I am basically stuck in Singapore due to COVID and looking to get a ski for some recreation off-shore. There is VERY limited selection here, a couple of waverunners (2017 and a 2020) and the Sea Doo below. There are also a few new (old stock it seems Sparks from the dealer, but I have not seen them). Below is an ad that sounds appealing. Seller is asking for $7k SGD, around $5k USD. Price is appealing, but I bought a boat here and got 100% scammed with a broken down POS. Curious what you seasoned veterans think of the below. Words of wisdom GREATLY appreciated! Thanks

Model: 2011 Seadoo RXT 260
Engine: Supercharged Rotax 1.5L 260hp
Top speed: Approx 60-70mph/100-110kph/50-60 kts
Engine hours: Around 70 hours
Number of owners: 1

Recent servicing: New intercooler and dashboard

Features: Suspension system, Seadoo iBR, tow mounts, Seadoo speed ties, front, centre, and rear compartments
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