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I have a 2012 WakePro 215 - second owner - when I try to start it absolutely nothing happens- no start, no beep, no response from instrument panel -

Here are my troubleshooting steps -

1. checked battery - 11.5 volts (is this not enough?)
2. bypassed electrical system by jumping the solenoid - result is that engine starts
3. checked all the fuses in the fusebox - all are good
4. inspected fusebox, reseated all fuses after cleaning fusebox for any possible corrosion - looks ok
5. checked continuity on wire leads on underside of fuse box to see if there was any break or corrosion - none found
6. inspected start button switch, DESS key post for corrosion or damage - none found
7. replaced 30 amp relay after visiting forums and seeing that suggestion - wow, a result! now when I press the start button, i can hear the new relay clicking, and briefly the display flashes on then goes off- but engine does not start.

What can I try next?
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