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Think I am in some doo doo. Need urgent help
Ski was pulling great - has 125hrs
It started to get very poor accelerations suddenly and then once up and going may 30 miles a hour at WOT.
No knocking. Placed it on dolly and back into boat house. That evening I went back down hooked up the hose and it ran very rough. Checked all the usual culprits and nothing.
Fired it back up and suddenly had a knocking sound (thought no good).
Pulled all plugs 2, 3 , 4 good compression.
# 1 - 60 lbs. On inspection the plug on one appear to have been struck. No, it was not dropped. Hearing lots of stuff from different individuals but thought I would ask here first as more then likely someone has had this issue
Only thing I have done so far with the ski is about 10 hrs before knock knock sound was a completely new pump was installed and this was done professionally.
I live about 6 hrs from the service center so before I drag it in any ideas.
One more quicky - the service center has informed me that they are so busy they can only look at it if I pull the engine.
Not a mechanic but work on alot of sleds and ATV / UTV... I have looked at pulling it but think this may be a major project.
Any help appreciated.
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