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Have changed everything with working parts from another ski including

Throttle Position Sensor
Map Sensor
Throttle Body

Makes no difference

Replaced fuel pump and regulator
New plugs, oil
Checked oil level

Makes no difference

Had impeller checked, wear ring checked - gap and wear is within recommended margin

Ski runs perfectly on hose, flys on flat water once it is planning, good top end

Put 2 people on it, turn hard, put the engine under load - it gives you nothing back. Initial acceleration from a standing start feels gutless.

No balls, gutless, no grunt down low and yep I realise the VX was built for the rental market in the states, but I have driven many others that don't have this issue.

"No load on the engine with the impeller out of the water. Same as you running up hill or running on level ground. Need more energy/power to go up hill for the same speed." - it's not getting the extra "power"

If I change ECU will it give me a better result? Or was this model VX 2013 - gutless, did they bring in pollution control or change anything for this model?

Out of ideas

Yep buy an 1800 - I hear ya
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