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Test rode the kids new Spark. They got the 3 up, 90hp upgrade with the ibr.
I was a little apprehensive at first, and a little disappointed at power, then I figured out that they had the learning key in it. HAHAHAHA. Guess the dealer didn't explain that one to them very well. Got the regular key, and it really woke up, especially in sport mode.
Very fun little ski. Sits much taller than anything we own, kinda like a dirt bike, but is pretty stable just sitting there not moving. I figured it wouldn't have been. Carves really well, and takes some serious effort to get it to slide out. The harder I leaned, the harder it carved. I had the side almost completely in the water at lower speed tight turns, and it stayed hooked to the water. The sponsoons are adjustable, but unless you are a experienced racer, I recommend leaving them in the factory location. Really a very good handling, agile little machine with a really decent pull out of the hole (actually left me wanting more of a hole shot from my 600lb STX 1100di HAHAHA) By the on board speedo, it touched 52 with me on it. I hear they can get those things up to around 110hp.
Other than the Spark having one of the thinnest hulls on the market (not made for jumping or towing), I would not hesitate recommending it to anyone. It's truly a very fun ski to ride, especially in sport mode, but know that in sport mode, you will be burning a lot more fuel. :tango_face_devil:
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