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Hey guys,
I am also new to PwCs. I got an used GP 1800 supercharged with Rivas parts as well - after riding it for about 6 times, I started to noticed that was some water coming inside. The guy who I bought from had install one of those one-way drain plugs - which I thought they were defective. So I switched to some regular ones and checked as many hoses as I could on the inside to make sure they weren’t loose.
the next day, I took it to the water and after riding it for about 1 hour, I had quite of bit of water inside. At least 2 inches of water. After a couple minutes the ski died (I was at the ramp) thankfully.
Another thing I would like to mention is that, once I got some debris stuck at the intake plate. So I removed the intake grate to get the debris off - I put it back on and sealed the bolts. Could the water be coming from the intake grate area? Since I removed it and put it back on? It’s quite a bit of water that comes in. I would guess, at least a gallon or 2 in about 1 hour. Thanks in advance for your help.
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