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Hey all,
Just bought my 1st ski, 2022 gp1800r and I'm new to the forum. I have a ton of questions but first I would like to add that I am a veteran auto painter of 30 years.I've painted everything from cars, boats, helicopters, rockets and I even painted somebody's toilet seat (really). Basically I've painted just about everything. So I would be more than happy to contribute any knowledge I have. If anyone has any finish repair questions please feel free to reach out.

Now on to my question of the day...
Was out this past weekend and I jumped a couple waves, nothing crazy, about 5-6ft of air.
On my third jump I hit pretty hard, not devastating, but hard enough to toss me from the ski a few feet. When I got home I noticed a crack across the top and side of the gunwale and it runs under the rub rail but not into the hull, just the top. And it's not just a flex crack in the paint, it's down into the composite. Whether or not it went all the way through I don't know, as there is no access to the back side.
Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood Grille Motor vehicle

Now I know "cracks happen" but what's bugging me is where its at. There are no scrapes/bumps or evidence of a compression fracture so the only thing that could have caused it was the impact from one of the "small" jumps. But I really wasn't that hard on it. I've seen peeps launch 20+ feet on these all day long. And I would assume the gunwale is probably one the strongest areas on the ski, I mean it's right in the area you would rig a hoist.
So I just don't get why it cracked in that area?
Anyone else out there had cracking in this area? Any thoughts or input would be appreciated.


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