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3D engine just cut off

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Hi, We have a new 2005 Sea Doo 3D - we've put about 11 hours or so on it. It has been running fine in the lake near our house but today we ventured out into the ocean. After about half an hour's use, in relatively choppy water, the engine just cut out (with the key attached) and we haven been unable to start it since.

The cut out happened just after jumping over a wave. When we put the key on, there is no beep sound, but there is a sort of buzzing noise that comes from the front of the engine.

We have checked for any obvious loose connections, the fuel is full, we've removed and reattached the battery (which is fully charged and working) and checked all the fuses. So far nothing has helped.

Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks so much
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sounds like a bad connection somewhere are low battery voltage
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