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Turned out to be caused by water ingress of the 3-Pin Connector between the Moving Deck and the Hull. These three terminals are for the Throttle Sensor / Controler, the Salt water was shorting out the terminals causing the ECM / Electronic Box to throw these Codes and Engine Speed to maintain a constant 2,500 RPM (approx.). I was able to dry out, clean and lube theTerminals with Contact Cleaner ol, I inspected the seal, it was present and looked fine, I then smeared a quality Silicone Paste Dielectric around the Seal prior to snapping the connector halfs back together and then adding more Dielectric Silicone externally for additional protection against water ingess moving forward. Erased Fault Codes with my CandooPro. Good to Go... Randy AKA randog311 (Retired Professional Wrench).
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