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It's time to install the crankshaft in the bottom case and seal things up, however, before doing so I read in my Clymer's Manual to "Fill both of the outer crankshaft oil seal lip cavities with . . .."

On that advice I drove down to Auto Zone to purchase the synthetic grease, however, I am now scratching my [email protected]!!$ (head) trying to figure out what the heck is a "seal lip cavity?"

I watched the video on this site, however, not only were the moderator's instructions not clear, the crank was different.

Moreover, my SD shop manual does not make it clear either, simply stating to "apply lithium grease on the lip."

Now I have a lip and a lip cavity, leaving me confused as hell.

I finally figured out that the "oil seals" slip off easily (black, circular plastic/rubber facing the bearings) and noticed that the side facing the bearing is concave.

I am presuming Clymer's infers that the "cavity" is the concave side of the seal, thus I am to fill the cavity with synthetic grease.

However, the moderator on the video seems to advise to apply grease on the hole in the center of the seal, i.e., like the hole in a doughnut.

I apologize for being so literal, however, I want to do this project right.

A friend disassembled his engine sometime back and gave me ThreeBond Silicone Liquid Gasket (1211) which he used to to mate the mating surfaces on the crank, however, Clymer's instructs to use Loctite Primer N and Loctite Gasket Eliminator 515.

Can I rely on the 1211 do the job satisfactorily?

I want to get this engine installed this weekend so I can get it in the River on the 5th ,when everyone leaves.

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