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I removed the crankshaft this morning to check for defects and fortunately there were none, however, now that I've returned from Mass and it is time to reinstall it, my Clymer's manual has me confused. On that note, this white gal has a couple of questions.

1. I shall presume I need not fill the outer crankshaft oil seal lip cavities with synthetic grease since I did not remove the oil seals? YES/NO (If yes, how do I do it)

2. The crankshaft should simply drop into the upper case and I need not align it with anything, except to ensre the crankshaft gear meshes properly with the rotary valve shift gear? Yes/No

3. By turning the rotary valve, if the crank gear rotates, then both are meshed properly? Yes/No

4. Does I simply push the Retaining Ring over the crankshaft gear until the two tabs on each side of the Retaining Rings come in contact with the craknshsft? Yes/No

5. Do I have to put any oil on any of the parts before attaching the lower case? Yes/No If yes, where does the oil go?

6. When it is time to attach both cases, I presume I can use Three Bond Silicone Liquid Gasket to bond both cases together? Yes/No
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