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63M or 65U Crankshaft -Rebuilt or New?

Hello ,
I am getting ready to put together my box project 95 63M 1100 engine and got 2 cranks with the engine the orginal and a 65U crank which is suppose to be good - They both seem ok but I am not sure to trust them to put in after everything else has been replaced and new--
Also I been told I can use either crank but for the 65U 1200 crank I would need to add a dowel for front bearing in the 63M case. 63M Front Bearing is pressed on and on the 65U its a bearing over a coller and has a alum spacer? So is either one better then the other -Seems the 65U crank would be an improvement for some reason but?
So next question is do I go with a rebuilt crank or a new crank?

And then theres different suppliers for rebuilt
and for new seems Yamaha or Hot Rods aftermarket?

SBT has them rebuilt for $375
PWC engines rebuilt $349

Hot Rod Crank new ebay $495

Any advice on cranks will be appricated

All comments welcome
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