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hey all..

i have a kawasaki 650cc ts 1993, i recently brought and it doesnt seem to rev past half throttle as soo as it gets to half it seems to brake down or something,

if the ski is in the water and im stopped then gun (flat out) it doesnt really go anywhere at all it just seems to fart around but if i were to ease on the throttle it seems to go faster to half throttle?

iv checked the plugs they dont seem oily at all i had a boat mechanic tune it but it didnt really change it at all.

i havent really had much experence with jetskis but have a fair idea on how the engines work?

could this be something to do with timing or something?

ive ordered a manual but cant really wait till it gets here i just want to work it out lol,
I have the exact same problem with the exact same ski. Its really a pain because we just replaced the coil pack and thought it was good to go. :/
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