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Hi, thanks for that,

I cant seem to find a broken wire and it all seems clean and dry. Someone has suggested i change the Coil?

Get yourself a cheap ohm meter and start checking the continuity and ohms resistance between the wires. There is a section in your manual that details what wires to check and what resistance you should be reading between them for each item.

Don't start buying electrical components until you determine which one is required. It'll get really expensive in a hurry, and will probably be really frustrating as well. From my experience it will be the exciter coil on the stator assembly behind the flywheel. They are available online at about $45.00. Don't try to get it rewound if that is the problem, it never works properly.

Hope this helps.

If you don't have a manual let me know and I can scan the pages for you later when I get home.
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