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hi there, im new to the forum so go easy!! , im from the uk and have had various jets ski's ove rthe last couple of years ( kwak 550js, 750sts , 900zxi, seadoo 951 gtx ltd), due to hard times, ive sold the seadoo and got another stand up, this one being a kawasaki 650 sx, the ski ran fine on the trailer and hose pipe when i brought it, yet first time in the sea and it died at anything other than idle..., ive got it home and stripped and cleaned all the hull etc first, cleaned the fuel tank out, new fuel in, the fuel pump (external) was pumping but all gummed up with old fuel, so ive cleaned and rebuilt with out a kit (so now slightly leaks), same problem though so ive stripped the carb, this was all gummed up too... ive cleaned best i can and rebuilt, the ski runs 1st time after a prime, and will idle ok, when you slightly open the throttle the revs will rise a little (i think using the low jet) , until it gets to a point where the engine dies, if i blip the throttle i can see fuel coming from the main high jet, but not in mist form, more of a dribble... the ski is still dying... , so if any one has any ideas id be mucho greatfull!! , ive seen some rebuild kits on usa ebay for $29 but havent found a pump kit yet, cant seem to find anything in the uk!! , the ski has standard carb / filter , but has a westcoast pipe and water box, ill post some pictures up soon..

thanks for any help

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