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Hey everyone
So let me tell the story and see what everybody thinks.
My family has a few machines, one of which is a 1992 650 triple. It has had a few issues in the past, burnt hole in the middle piston, hole in hull, things like that, but they have all been fixed.

2 years ago it was parked for winter in running condition after being cleaned and sprayed with WD40 to help with corrosion and such. Last summer I went to start it up for the season and it wouldn't start, so we though it was the started, bought a new one off ebay, and let it sit for another year.

So last week I finally went and installed the starter, just to find out that was not the issue. New started and it would not even turn over, ok, lets take the heads off and use a block of wood to see if the pisons move, nope. That didn't help. OK, lets try using a *cringe* pipe wrench on the output shaft between the block and the impeller. Ok, so it moves a little, lets go back and forth and see if we can make it move, it grinds and creaks and finally gives. The sounds sounded like it was coming from up front in the flywheel area. Ok, so now it turns over, and the new starter works great.

But, she won't start. Try priming by pouring some gasoline in the cylinders and nope. Ok, replace plugs (it's a very finicky machine in regards to spark plugs), ok now she'll sputter. Check for spark, good spark on all 3.

OK, so she wants to run. Take the air cleaner off and pour some gas in the carbs and she runs great, as long as you keep enough gas being poured. As soon as it runs out, boom, dead.

Hmmmm, fuel issue.
Gas in tank? check
fuel switch on? check
Primer ball hard? check
Fuel pump? taken apart, cleaned, working fine.
Fuel rails between carbs? ran wire down and seems like there was a little bit of blockage. Well fuel comes out of the return line, so its going through.

What's next? she still won't run. Is there a screw I can take out of the carb and try blowing the crap out?
Anybody have any great ideas that I haven't thought of?

Thank you in advance
-Eric, the very sad mechanic.. lol
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