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I just bought a used X2 that the prev owner replaced the carb on. The carb is brand new OEM. The compression shows 150 PSI on both cylinders. It runs, but it runs really smoky and kinda gets to mid-throttle and loads up. I can anly go about 20 mph (and no, I don't weigh 350 lbs!). I think they should go almost 40 flat out.

It is a 28 mm carb. I took the carb off and checked all the settings (Diaphram OK, flaot height 1-2 mm, 1 turn on high jet, 5/8 turn on low jet).....Everything is perfect, and I still have this problem!

I do see a bit of smoke coming from way up ahead of the gas tank. I think I have an exhaust leak up there, but it does not matter because I see the problem with the cover off also.

WHAT CAN BE DOING THIS!?....I am tempted to lean out the high and possibley the low jet also. Before I go and do this I want to remove the possability of anything else. One thing I can think of is a broken reed valve.....anything else? Is diddling with the low and high jet settings a no-no? Is it common to have to adjust a little one way or the other? FYI: I am in Boston at sea level.

I am totally buffaloed by this problem....any ideas???
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