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Hey everybody. First of all I'm new here, but I've been into pwc's since 1997. I recently picked up a 1987 650sx with a locked up engine. I've been working on getting it ready to go back to the water for a little over 3 weeks now prepping the hull for new paint, and all the usual things.
My question is this.
In trying to locate a motor locally, all I'm able to find are TS 650's. Will that motor work? I realize it's basically the same, but are there any specific 'mods' that I would have to make?
Or, should I go for another choice as far as a motor goes?

My last skis were a '97 and '98 GP1200 Yamahas, and an old JS550. I sold all of them back in 2002, so I'm a little hazy on all of this stuff, but I sure want to learn more now.

Thanks in advance for any info.
Have a good one, and stay safe out there!
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