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my new project. my goal is to milk as much power out of this little engine as i can.

1987 kawasaki 650sx - the day i got her

it wouldn't start so i went after the starter motor

bendix wasn't engaging. decided to pull the motor. immediately saw why and decided to break down the motor and rebuild.

off with the top end

i hate surprises like this in the intake ports

split the case

out with the crank

out with the gas tank

it has some potential, maybe

previous repair job on a nice size hole

no bumpers, getting ready for body work

just have to remove the pole and exhaust outlet

guess the three engine components not pictured

so i picked it up on 07/03/10 from a buddy who said it runs/ was running. my plan was to get it in the water by the 4th, beat on it for the season, and then build a race ski over the winter. not so much. after breaking it down i've realized i found a nickel in the reeds, rod bearings are shot, pump is seized, and the hull is in rough, rough shape. i've never worked on a kawasaki before, however am extremely familiar with seadoo's. i've got a pretty good grasp on the performance monds, but just need some help with the basics.

anyone have any experience repairing hull damage? the hole in the front was only coated with resin, it does not look like they used any fiberglass. i want to sand down the entire hull and re-resin everywhere. and on the rough, rough spots put down some more glass. what's a good resin/ glass combo to use for marine?

where's some good sites to score engine parts, pads, handle bars, and turf mats?

thanks in advance and hope you enjoy following this build.
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