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I have a Master Craft Wetjet which has the 1995 Yamaha 701 engine and electronics.
Last time it ran, first run of season, it started normally but after leaving the dock it began some sputtering so I returned to dock area and proceded to circle and rev it and it seemed to straighten out. I left the dock area again and it was running fine and seemed normal. After about 5 minutes, I ran over a large dead fish which was sucked into the pump. The engine was still running but I wanted to make sure the pump was clear, so I hit the kill switch and checked the grate. All was clear so I remounted and hit the starter but the engine would not fire up. The starter would spin the engine normally and the battery was very well charged but the engine would not fire. I tried starting it on and off for about an hour before I was able to get a tow back to the dock. Upon returning home I tried to start it again with no luck.
I have checked the kill switch and it is working properly. I even disconnected it and still no spark. I don't know much about the electronics of a jetski, but I do have a fair amount of mechanical knowledge and have a volt/omh meter for testing if I knew what and where to test.
This is very puzzling to me since it was running till I shut it down and then it would not restart.
Can anyone give me some direction on where and what to check/test to find the faulty component?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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