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I had the whole jetski gone over and the mechanics found the coil needed to be trimmed. After that I went to lake powell for a week, the guy said to run 7 plugs in it, instead of tuning the carb. Everything ran great. Only thing was the only gas they sold on the lake was 87, so i ran that instead of 91 for 2 tanks. Now I am back in California I am running 8 plugs and back to 91, but the ski would not go over 10 mph. When i first launched it it warmed up and was bitchin. I had to shut if off for 5 seconds, then it fired back up , however would not go fast at all. When I came to shore I flushed it and found 3-4 inches of water in the hull. I fired it up on the trailer, and it sounded to me like it was back firing. I fired it up, and once it was warmed up i turned the choke off, and it died every time. Any ideas?

'92 Kawasaki 750sx
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