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Hey guys, new to this forum, need a little help.

I've got a 1998 750ZXI that has starting acting up, and the situation is fairly random.

it starts when the jet ski is idling, usually after riding it for awhile. When you hit the throttle the temperature light will start flashing and and the ski loses a lot of power and shakes. It seems like it drops a cylinder. But then after awhile the condition will stop and the jet ski gets up and goes.

I can't imagine it overheating, considering it's being ridden lightly in 60 degree water, plus, the condition goes away for seemingly no reason. My only thought is possibly a glitchy temp sensor that might retard the engine to protect it. Do these skis have something like that? Is it possibly a bad coil or CDI and the flashing light is an indicator of that?

It has new plugs and new gas.

I'm very experienced with motors. I raced motocross so I've rebuilt several dirtbike motors from the bottom up. I've just never messed with these ski motors so I'm unfamiliar with their symptoms.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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