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My name is Seth and im new to the site but not to jetski's

The jetski is a 76' I want to change the cdi box and start/stop switches to a later model as I have an 86' and a 91sx

First my problem is that my shop manual that i have is for an 82,83.
Next the manual tells you to use an analog volt ohm meter, all i have is a digital volt ohm meter

When im checking the wiring on my regulator,the four that i have check out bad and I know for a fact that the 2 newer ones that i have are good.

2 regulators that i have from a 76 model(2 lt grn,1 org, 1 blk wires)

another regulator yr? (2 brn,1 blk, 1 rd, 1 rd/ppl wires)

the last reg yr? .(3 lt grn, 1 org, 1 blk wires)

All check out bad with my meter. It is a good meter.Should i get an analog meter or should my dvom work?

All help would be appreciated.Trying to go out this weekend and would like to not have to work on it all weekend
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