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780 pentagon fuel pump

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What is the flow rate of the triple pump from the 780?
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65 litres per hour.
Ok which 780 is that on, or better yet, what is the part #?
Pretty sure it's all 780's. Starting in 96. check for the part #
So does the 35 ltr 3 output round pump provide the protection we are looking for?
Randy at Watcon told me NO! When I told him I had replaced my 16 liter/hr pump with the 35 liter/hour pump, he told me not to ride it again until I got the right pump. I bought mine through Parker Yamaha, but I went with the dual output because I had already set my carbs up for that.

Mikuni Fuel Pump 5 Sided Dual High Volume - 14-2230
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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