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Hello everyone, as title says i have a kawasaki 550 stand up that has been my dads since new. Last year i got it out of storage, changed the plugs, battery, gas, and clean out the carb.

Initially it will start right up and run great, lots of power and snap right off of idle.

After about an hour of riding we go back to take a break then come out to go ride and the ski will NOT start, it will fire once then it will flood dramatically, plugs are soaked and it will not start again un less it sits over night and with a new set of plugs.

I havent tried anything yet, but heres what i had in mind. Possible Stator issue after it gets hot and heat soaked it loses its strength causing to flood.

Now, im not too familiar with these systems but would an aftermarket CDI coil be benificial to this issue?

thanks in advance, any help would be appriciated.
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