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I've had this 550 for years and it always started hard. (My 94' 750 sx never gave me a single problem). I've rebuilt the top end and it is bored over with a milled head. I've replaced and had the starter rebuilt multiple times over the years. I can put a freshly charged Deka battery in it and it will clunk.. and then turn over. As the battery gets used it will turn slower and slower. I have also had to replace the coils and the flywheel last year after the engine seized up...only to discover the flywheel magnets came apart and tore the coils up. This summer the engine seized again and low and behold the double stacked coils got hung up again! I have just replaced the bolts securing the coils and made sure the coils were slid in and secured properly. The crank feels fine and I don't believe the bearings are bad but I have not tore engine down to verify. Any help with the starting issue or the coil damage would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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