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so im looking at '87 stand up 550 with a 440 engine swaped into it. here is the description:
It is a 1987 kawasaki 550 hull with a 440 motor

Kerker half pipe
kerker up pipe
K&N filter
UMI black bars
ODI grips
Newish Black Hydroturf
Finger throttle
I think it has a aftermarket ride plate but im not sure.

It has a bad battery but i can jump start it so people can here it run.

So all it needs is a battery and the carb will need to be tuned in. I have the carb set to the stock settings so when my brother borrows it, he wont blow it up. So its running a little rich, so a quick turn to the highspeed needle and it will be great.

SOOO my question is it worth it? and what should i be looking for when i go to look at it? I have literally NO experience with jet ski's. he says the hull is in pretty good shape but that the the nose hook hole could use some this a important part to have?thx in advance for opinions.
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