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Hi Everyone,

My wife and I bought two 650sx jet skis about a week ago. One is an 89 and the other is a 87 the 89 is modified and runs great with lots of power. The 87 is stock and hasn't run very good both time i've taken it out to the lake.

It runs pretty good for a little bit but then for no reason bogs out and dies for no apparent reason. I will be cruising along fine full throttle and it will just die. Then it will only restart if I turn the choke on just to start it then turn choke off again. If i feather the gas and ride it easy I can get it to run longer.

The second time i took it out it did the same thing except it ran for quite a while the first time but after it died then it wouldn't run for very long. I thought maybe the gas tank wasn't venting so we went to down the beach a little ways to tinker with it then it died and wouldn't start again. I had my wife pull me back to the truck and it filled with water I think it is leaking around the gas cap.

When we got it on the trailer with the help of some strangers I noticed that the gas tank was full of water and mix. I think that the gas cap and around the gas cap both leak. Maybe thats why it died for good because water was getting into the gas tank with out me realizing it.

We flipped it over to pure out the water and i emptied the gas tank and took out the spark plugs and turned it over to get the gas out of the engine.

I am a first time jet ski owner but I am fairly mechanical I like to work on my motorcycle and truck.

After looking around some posts I have some ideas...
1. gas tank not venting (dirty filter kinked fuel like ...)
2. exhaust leaking into the engine compartment
3. carb need to be cleaned/adjusted
4. electrical problem (coil , started, battery)

Some other things I found odd....
1. I can not find any hose to hook this thing up to and flush it after we ride the 89 has one and i've flushed it the two time we went but not the 87.

2. The battery looks way smaller than the one in the 89 and it has foam cushion to hold it in place because the straps are too long.

Any advice would be appreciated
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