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I got an 84 and 87 js550 in a trade. I know NOTHING about dirt bike or jet ski engines. I build toyota rock crawlers. That being said, the 84 runs good, (I think) the 87 when i got it, guy said needed a starter relay. It would click right by the relay when pushing start button, and would crank if jumped with a screwdriver between the terminals. Odds say relay right? Well I took stuff apart, and wtf ya know, I dunno wtf im doin. I only got the cover off the box, got the relay out somewhat. Its attached to wires and I cant see for the life of me how I unhook it without cutting wires. i can solder and wire good, but would rather do it the right way. Im ordering a repair manual off ebay tonight, a CLYMER??? is this a good one? I wanted to know if anyone knows how to unplug the damn relay or if I HAVE to cut it. Also want to know if I should have came here first before I took the cover off and it possibly may not have been the relay. Pretty damn corroded in the box id say, anything I can do while im in there to help it seal better next time? Thanks in advance.
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