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I've recently purchased a JS550. It seems to be in really good shape and I ran it for a couple hours before buying it. It seems to run very well and is TONS of fun. I've had a 3 seater yamaha for years but I have never had a stand up and I can see why people say they are lots of fun. I'm still getting used to it, but it shouldn't take me long and I'll be tryin tricks...

I've noticed water in the hull after riding and after reading up it sounds pretty normal... my question here is what is the best thing to do? Drain it after riding or intall a bilge pump? Any suggestion for a cheap bilge pump setup...

Also what are the best upgrades to make without having to tear the motor down?

How much would performance upgrade to the motor be and what is the best thing to do to it?

Anything else yall can tell me or give me advice on would be great....




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