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I just purchased a 1990 650 sx to fix up but decided to get a newer one. there are alot of aftermarket parts on it that I would like to get rid of. the ski is complete. the pole is broken on one side where it attaches and the finger throttle bracket is broken, but everything else is good. near as i can tell these are the aftermarket parts:

thruster ride plate
aftermarket intake grate
stainless impeller not sure of the pitch
black mikuni carb (not sure of size)
west coast intake manifold
west coast exhaust pipe
bilge set up
Mariner head
KandN filter

complete motor, (needs bore and piston and rings) bottom end good
Complete drive train

and all the other parts that I didnt mention are there.

I am in the army and on a training exercise right now, I will be home on thursday night. I will take pictures of all parts and post them. I dont want to accept any payments until I have a chance to inspect all the parts and make sure everything is good, I have only had the ski for a few weeks and have not had a chance to take it apart yet. I will respond to all posts and PM's when I post the pics. I didnt pay alot for the ski and only want to recover what I spent on it so I can buy a running one.

Issues I know of:

pole is loose looks to be cracked on one side where it connects
finger throttle top bracket cracked.
needs the impeller area cleaned out as it has sand in it and grinds a little when you turn the shaft. drive shaft bearing seems fine.

the lower end seems to be fine no play in the rods.

it will need a bore and new pistons and rings.

scott 517-256-3584

if someone was willing to show up in person I would sell the whole ski for 275.00 which is what I paid for it.


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Is there a way to send a private message on this forum? Im new, looks like you are too, though.

Anyway, Id like to talk to you about it, send me an email at
someguyduff at yahoo dot com or reply back here with contact info.

Id really appreciate if I could talk to you, I just got burnt buying my first PWC, just quit running my butt....
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