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Hi I'm new to this forum and jet skis so here goes. I have a recently purchased 1996 Kawasaki 900 zxi and it ran great the first few times I took it out. It cut off in the water a few times out of no where. I would turn the key off and turn it back on and it would start and run fine the rest of the day. Here and there it would bogg and almost cut off but then clear up and reach top speed fine. Recently it cut off and would not restart and I can crank and crank at the house and finally it started I let it run then cut it off and cut the water off let it sit and would not restart till the battery died and I gave up. So I'm lost any help would be appreciated. It has good fuel, the key switch is raised in one spot and looks a little funny, i have pulled the fuel line feeds from the tank and are not blocked or dirty. New fuel filter that is full. Thanks , kyle
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